Data Analytics & Reporting Solutions

KPI & Dashboard Development

We create key performance indicators (KPIs) and customized dashboards to track and monitor your performance effectively. (Applications: Healthcare plan performance tracking, claims management metrics)

Equity & Disparity Studies

We leverage data analysis to identify and address equity and disparity issues in various areas such as healthcare access, insurance pricing. (Applications: Identifying gaps in healthcare coverage, assessing fairness in insurance pricing)

Emergency Management Analytics

We analyze data to assist you in preparing for and responding to emergencies (e.g., natural disasters, public health crises). (Applications: Risk modeling for emergencies, resource allocation)

Compliance Audits & Reporting

We support clients in meeting regulatory compliance requirements through data analysis and comprehensive reporting. (Applications: Healthcare plan audits, Solvency II compliance for insurers)

4 Key Analytics

Lepton can help you unlock the power of data analytics and turn insights into action.

01 Descriptive Analytics
02 Diagnostic Analytics
Descriptive analytics summarize past events, giving a clear picture of past performance. Imagine an insurance company. Descriptive analytics would reveal total premium for policies issued, customer demographics (age, income), and popular popular insurance products. Diagnostic analytics help you understand "why." For the insurance example, a rise in long term care policy defaults could be analyzed. Diagnostic analytics might reveal a specific industry experiencing financial hardship, leading to higher defaults for policies issued in that sector.
03 Predictive Analytics
04 Prescriptive Analytics
Predictive analytics use historical data to forecast future trends. An insurance company could leverage historical claims data and weather patterns to predict the likelihood of natural disasters in specific regions, allowing them to adjust risk assessments and pricing for insurance policies. Prescriptive analytics go beyond prediction, recommending specific actions based on the data. Continuing the insurance example, prescriptive analytics might suggest offering discounted flood insurance to in high-risk areas or developing preventative programs to mitigate potential losses.