Healthcare Policy & Strategy Consulting

Healthcare Policy Research

We analyze healthcare policy trends and their impact on costs, access, and quality of care. (Applications: Public policy development, healthcare reform analysis)

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)

Our actuaries analyze claims data to ensure health insurance companies meet minimum MLR requirements. (Applications: Health insurance plan design, regulatory compliance)

Mental Parity Testing

We analyze data to ensure compliance with mental health parity laws, promoting equitable health plans. (Applications: Creating equitable health plans)

Health Equity Research

We analyze data to identify and address disparities in healthcare access and outcomes, promoting health equity. (Applications: Improving access to care for underserved populations)​

Value Based Care

We analyze data to support value-based care models that reward quality and efficiency in healthcare delivery. (Applications: Developing performance metrics for healthcare providers, improving cost-effectiveness)

Risk Adjustment

We analyze healthcare data to adjust for differences in patient risk profiles, ensuring fair comparisons and payments. (Applications: Setting accurate premiums for health insurance plans, managing risk pools effectively)